5 Safety Tips for Fall and Winter Driving

Winter driving in Philadelphia can be a challenge even to experienced drivers. A mild rain can soon turn to snow or a blizzard and the roads can get treacherous. Ideally, as the roads begin to get covered in sheets of ice in Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Montgomery County, you should stay indoors. But for those who have no other option but to drive, here are 5 safety tips for fall and winter driving in Philadelphia to avoid a car accident.

5 Safety Tips for Winter Driving in Philadelphia

Get your car checked  

Before it gets too late, get your car thoroughly serviced. Ask your mechanic to check your vehicle’s fluid and antifreeze levels, tire-pressure, battery, and wipers. They should also examine the brakes to see if they are functioning properly.

Go slow

No matter where you are headed, no matter how tempting it may get, always go slow on icy roads to avoid a car accident. This is especially true when you are accelerating on decelerating. Remember that with ice, it takes longer to come to a halt. Watch out for frozen roads that may look wet, often called ‘black ice.’ 

Beware of wet leaves

Wet leaves are as slippery as ice. With a lot of wooded areas, this means more roads for drivers to slow down and be cautious.

Watch out for animals

Food becomes scarce for animals during winter and they start exploring more. Inadvertently this may lead them to roads. Poor visibility adds to the problem, and therefore, drivers should be cautious, especially around wooded areas.

Stock up

Your tank should be at least half-full, and your mobile phone must be fully charged. You should also carry extra blankets and gloves.

As the days get shorter, there should be added precautions while driving at night. And if you meet with an accident, make sure you call your personal injury attorney at the earliest.