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We will review your slip and fall injury case thoroughly.

We will investigate all evidence regarding the cause of the injury.

We will investigate and interview experts if necessary.

We will work to ensure that you receive the maximum settlement.

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We have been helping victims of Slip & Fall Accidents for over 33 years. Whether you are injured in a public place, or at a workplace, there may be someone responsible for those injuries. The floor could have been slippery or wet, there could have been an obstruction in the hallway that trips your foot. No matter what the cause is, if you are injured due to a slip and fall, the property owner or business may be liable for those injuries. There are many factors which determine a slip and fall settlement. Our 33 years of experience will get you the results that you deserve for your personal injury case.

The main questions you should ask when determining a slip and fall settlement are as follows:

  1. Who is ultimately responsible for the incident?
  2. What did the responsible party do or not do which resulted in the accident?
  3. Did the injured party cause, or contribute to their own accident in any way, shape, or form?

    If you have been injured in an accident for which someone else is responsible, you may be entitled to receive fair compensation for your losses. The law offices of KATS, Jamison & Associates work with you on a contingency basis to achieve the results you deserve. Our firm will assist you in gaining the maximum settlement for injury compensation.

Your Slip And Fall Injury Attorney Helping With:

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See more common types of Slip and Fall Injuries handled by our professionals:

Broken Bones & Fractures

Pelvic Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

Torn Tendon & Ligament Injuries

Tramatic Brain Injuries

Your Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer

If you slipped and fell as the result of somebody’s negligence, whether it is a homeowner who did not take care of uneven pavements in front of their house or it is a business that did not timely clear snow and ice from the premise, you are entitled to get a compensation for the injuries you sustained as a result of their failure to protect the public. The injuries from slip and fall could be very severe and a compensation could be very substantial. The sooner you call, the easier it is to preserve the evidence.

The knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorneys at Kats, Jamison & Associates are committed to helping injured slip and fall victims recover for any losses that they may incur. Please do not hesitate to call our office today at 215-396-9001 to discuss the details of your case if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York.

Common Injuries Associated With Slip And Fall Accidents

Broken Bones & Fractures – can occur very easily during a slip and fall accident. The doctor can diagnose those injuries whether or not they are hairline fractures, stable fractures, open or compound fractures, transverse, or oblique fractures, all of which can require treatment ranging from invasive surgery, to needing a cast or the doctor may prescribe rest which often would be the case during rib fractures.

Pelvic Injuries – are most common of elder victims who slip and fall, many of these accidents result in broken hips or cracks in the pelvic region. These types of injuries are often extremely painful and require invasive surgery and extended hospital or nursing home stays.

Soft Tissue Injuries – occur when there is damage to a person’s connective tissues such as ligaments, muscles, joints, or tendons. These could be either temporary or long-term problems depending on the severity of your slip and fall accident. Some of those injuries could linger on and cause a lot more pain than a fracture.

Spinal Cord Injuries – involve damage or trauma to the spinal cord which could cause problems in other areas of the body like with sensation in your toes. These injuries can leave victims with many symptoms such as paralysis, muscle weakness, lack of mobility, and issues with numbness. This is one of the most serious injuries that requires a long recovery time and deserves significant compensation.

Torn Tendons & Ligaments – can happen in almost any slip and fall case. This usually occurs when a person tries to catch themselves when falling. This response can stop the fall all together but can make the injury worse. These injuries may be treated with surgery and physical therapy but can cause the injured person to suffer lifelong consequences that may never fully heal.

Traumatic Brain Injuries – (TBIs) occur when the head or skull is damaged following a fall, which could disrupt normal brain function. These are usually very traumatic injuries which can result in long-term deterioration of normal day-to-day life and activities. Issues can occur such as communication and speech disorders, emotional problems, loss of memory, and reduction of mobility.

Many of these injuries can leave victims of slip and fall accidents having to heal with overwhelming medical expenses. Victims may also be unable to return to work for an extended period of time, leading to lost wages and potentially a much worse standard of living.

If these injuries require extensive and long-term medical care, hospitalization, surgery, or rehabilitative therapy, chances are that victims will also require medication, medical equipment, and potentially full-time home health care. Some slip and fall victims even have to resort to living in an assisted living facility. In the worst case, slip and fall victims may never be able to recover fully from their injuries at all, leaving them in a state of permanent disability. These types of injuries usually deserve multi million dollar settlements or verdicts.

If you experience a slip and fall in Bucks County., Montgomery County, or Philadelphia, you may incur significant physical and monetary losses that will negatively affect your life. Whether your injury resolves quickly, or you are impaired long-term, it is important to contact an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney as soon as you can. Understanding your legal options for compensation will provide relief for you and your loved ones who could also be affected by your injury.

Negligence Could Lead To Slips, Trips, And Falls

Many slip and fall accident victims do not understand how to hold a party responsible for their damages. Pennsylvania law gives fall accident victims the right to hold other parties liable for their damages and losses if that party’s negligence contributed to the slip and fall accident. At Philly Lawyers our slip and fall attorneys understand how to identify negligence and liability, helping you receive the significant compensation you require based on the damages you have sustained.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents
We understand when the injury occurs, you are scared and need immediate help. Here are the answers to some of the questions we hope are helpful to you.
If you come to us, we have all the answers for when you are injured in any type of accident.

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Negligence typically involves the disregard for the safety of others. If a dangerous situation was created by a property owner or business, you could receive proper compensation. A good example is when there is uneven pavement in front of the property and the owner does not do anything to repair it or the owner of the property causes dangerous conditions by not closing off the property when doing the repairs, or failed to remove snow or ice which causes dangerous situations as a result in which someone would suffer an injury.

Plaintiffs (the injured individuals) are responsible for proving that the liable party could have taken an action to prevent the accident but failed to do so.

The owner of the property who was supposed to assume responsibility failed to do so properly and therefore they are responsible for their own failure. The properties are usually insured and the insurance company will assume payment if the owner is deemed to be liable. The insurance company will make payment on behalf of the person who neglected their responsibility and was liable for someone’s injury.

You should see the lawyer as soon as possible because the scene where the slip and fall could change quickly and an experienced attorney will send an investigator right away to preserve the necessary evidence. Often the business establishments have video cameras and the attorney will immediately send the request to preserve the videos.

You do not have to pay anything to us until we win your case. The consultations are free and we take your case on a contingency basis, which means that when the case is resolved, we take a small percentage of the settlement. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. The experienced attorneys could determine very early on the possibility of success.

It is often impossible to determine the value of your case in the very beginning because no one knows the extent of your injuries. The time to figure out how much your case is worth is when you finish the treatments and an experienced attorney can evaluate the matter. All the factors are then analyzed and at that time a request is sent to the insurance company. It is possible to settle the case and if the case is not settled then the matter moves on for litigation. The money you receive for your pain and suffering is exempt from taxes.

Slip and fall accidents can result in many injuries that range from physical damage to a person’s body, mental, emotional, or financial well-being. Physical damages may include, but are not limited to: Back and Neck Injuries, including broken or slipped vertebra (disks) throughout the neck and spinal column. As well as chronic pain that can require surgery or debilitate a person where they no longer can work and earn an income.

Head injuries due to slip and fall accidents may include concussions, traumatic injuries to the brain, which may cause problems with balance, memory, and/or cognitive and behavioral issues.

Pelvic injuries are most common of elder victims who slip and fall, many of these accidents result in broken hips or cracks in the pelvic region. These types of injuries are often extremely painful and require invasive surgery and extended hospital or nursing home stays.

Torn tendons and ligaments can happen in almost any slip and fall case. This usually occurs when a person tries to catch themselves when falling. This response can stop the fall all together but can make the injury worse. These injuries may be treated with surgery and physical therapy but can cause the injured person to suffer lifelong consequences that may never fully heal.

The goal of slip and fall settlements is to make the plaintiff whole again and to restore their financial situation to where it was before the accident. This may include calculating the lifetime cost of medical bills, attorney fees, pain and suffering, household bills, and other necessities.

There are many factors to consider determining slip and fall settlements. Negligence on behalf of a property/ business owner and liability are the two major components as well as the type of injuries.

Are You Injured Due To A Slip And Fall Accident?
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We will visit you at your home or hospital in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia or any other county in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York.

The attorneys at KATS, Jamison & Associates are experienced in assisting victims and families with recovering the financial compensation they deserve. We will review your case thoroughly, investigating all evidence regarding the cause of the incident, and will interview witnesses and experts as necessary.

Our personal injury attorneys will identify all possible sources of compensation and will work to ensure that victims and their families receive the maximum settlement, including compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Our attorneys are capable of handling complicated personal injury cases. Let our experience speak for you.

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