What to do if you've been in a car accident?

10 steps

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Ensure Safety:

- Move to a safe location if possible.

- Turn on hazard lights to alert other   drivers.

Check for Injuries:

- Assess yourself and passengers for   injuries.

- Call emergency services if there are   injuries.

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Call the Police:

- Report the accident to the police, even   if it's minor.

- Obtain a copy of the police report.

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Exchange Information:

- Exchange names, addresses, phone   numbers, and insurance information   with the other party involved.

- Collect contact information from   witnesses.

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Document the Scene:

- Take photos of the accident scene,   damages, and injuries.

- Note the time, date, and weather   conditions.

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Do Not Admit Fault:

- Do not admit fault or make   statements that could be   interpreted as an admission of fault.

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Seek Medical Attention:

- Even if injuries seem minor, seek   medical attention promptly.

- Keep records of medical evaluations   and treatments.

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Contact a Car Accident Lawyer:

- Consult with a car accident lawyer to   understand your rights and options. They will   also guide you on what to discuss with your   insurance company.

- Share all the details of the accident for legal   advice.

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Keep Records:

- Keep a file with all documents related   to the accident, including medical bills,   repair estimates, and correspondence.

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Follow Up:

- Stay in touch with your insurance   company, healthcare providers, and   legal representation.

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- Follow through with any recommended   treatments.

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