How to maintain Social Distancing if you’ve been in a car accident

At the time of this blog post, our world is still in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and many of us have been societally isolated by government stay-at-home orders. However, despite these lock-downs, life must go on, and while we are venturing outside for groceries or commuting to our essential jobs, Car Accidents and Truck Accidents are a very real possibility.


What adds to that possibility is the fact that more Motorcycles and Bicycles are on the road as the weather has gotten warmer.  And with the Coronavirus being front and center in everyone’s mind, it’s probably fair to say that drivers are more distracted than ever.


Just yesterday, as I was driving to get my own blood work done, I saw the aftermath of two separate car accidents. The first accident involved a car and a truck, and the second was a three car collision.


Seeing the drivers at these accident scenes got me thinking about how distraught drivers must be today. Whether it’s dealing with the fear of what the “new normal” looks or worrying about a loved one that they haven’t seen in several months, drivers are distracted, and this can lead to pretty significant car accidents. 

What to do if you’ve been in a car accident during the coronavirus pandemic.


First, always be sure to wait for the responding officers. Gathering evidence at the scene in the event that you need a car accident attorney is still just as crucial now as it was before the coronavirus.  Even if there are no injuries immediately apparent, do not let fear of the Coronavirus force you to leave the scene of the accident prematurely.


Next, be sure to engage in proper Social Distancing practices at the scene.  Odds are that the responding police officers will be wearing face masks, so you should wear your face mask as well.


Be sure to cooperate and provide as many details as possible about the accident. Just like before the pandemic, details are important. Evidence tends to disappear, memories fade and stories change. And the fact that the other driver is probably wearing a mask can make identification and recognition more challenging later on.


One suggested tip is to ask the other driver to hold their documents in their hands while you take pictures of them with your cell phone. This would include their driver’s license, insurance information and auto registration, all of which will be necessary for you to report a claim. Be sure to extend the courtesy of doing the same for the other driver.


Finally, if you have been injured in a Car Accident or Motorcycle Accident, hospitals, medical facilities, doctor’s offices are open. It is important that you get a thorough examination to ensure there is no risk of delayed injuries, so call and schedule an appointment.


If you are injured or in paid, remember that suffering in silence will cause more damage to your health and your claim.


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