5 Safety Tips for Fall and Winter Driving

Winter driving in Philadelphia can be a challenge even to experienced drivers. A mild rain can soon turn to snow or a blizzard and the roads can get treacherous. Ideally, as the roads begin to get covered in sheets of ice in Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Montgomery County, you should stay indoors. But for those who have no other option but to drive, here are 5 safety tips for fall and winter driving in Philadelphia to avoid a car accident.

5 Safety Tips for Winter Driving in Philadelphia

Get your car checked  

Before it gets too late, get your car thoroughly serviced. Ask your mechanic to check your vehicle’s fluid and antifreeze levels, tire-pressure, battery, and wipers. They should also examine the brakes to see if they are functioning properly.

Go slow

No matter where you are headed, no matter how tempting it may get, always go slow on icy roads to avoid a car accident. This is especially true when you are accelerating on decelerating. Remember that with ice, it takes longer to come to a halt. Watch out for frozen roads that may look wet, often called ‘black ice.’ 

Beware of wet leaves

Wet leaves are as slippery as ice. With a lot of wooded areas, this means more roads for drivers to slow down and be cautious.

Watch out for animals

Food becomes scarce for animals during winter and they start exploring more. Inadvertently this may lead them to roads. Poor visibility adds to the problem, and therefore, drivers should be cautious, especially around wooded areas.

Stock up

Your tank should be at least half-full, and your mobile phone must be fully charged. You should also carry extra blankets and gloves.

As the days get shorter, there should be added precautions while driving at night. And if you meet with an accident, make sure you call your personal injury attorney at the earliest.

What to Do if you’ve been in a Car Accident

Six million automobile accidents occur each year in America. Fortunately, most of these accidents only involve damage to a vehicle. However, on an average 33% of those accidents result in personal injury.

If you are involved in a car accident, it is easy to panic and make irrational decisions. The purpose of this post and graphic is to help you know what to do in the event you find yourself involved in a car accident. 

What to do if you’ve been in a car accident:

  1. First, never leave the scene of an accident. This is the definition of a “Hit and Run” which is a crime. Regardless of inconvenience, it is important to remain present while evidence is gathered and witnesses are interviewed
  2. Keep yourself protected and safe. Being on a busy road presents safety challenges every time. Consider purchasing and using a roadside emergency kit including flares and road markings. Use flashlights in the dark. 
  3. Contact Law Enforcement. Whether the car accident is major or minor, it is a good idea to call in law enforcement for help. Law enforcement officers will gather all the initial information which they need to proceed with their investigation.The automobiles involved in the accident should remain at the same place, unless they are in a traffic area. 
  4. Cooperate with Law Enforcement Officials to gather all of the necessary information for their investigation. Tell them what you know about an accident and don’t hesitate to tell them that you don’t know certain things. 
  5. Make sure that you take pictures of the vehicles in case of visible damage. You should also take photographs of visible injuries. Pictures taken at the scene of the accident will help you in further investigation. 
  6. You should exchange basic information such as name, address and telephone number of all persons involved in the accident (drivers and passengers) as well as licence & insurance information should be documented. 
  7. Consider seeking medical attention, even if there are no outward signs of injury. Often, adrenaline masks injuries at the moment of the accident and underlying muscle injuries may not become apparent until the next day. 
  8. Document as much as possible, because evidence may disappear quickly. Keep all your accident-related documents and information in one place. 
  9. Contact a Personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. The personal injury attorney can help with compensation for any medical expenses that may arise. 

Your attorney can advise you on major issues like compensation and medication, and they make sure you are getting the best medical treatment and full compensation. If you have been in an automobile accident and would like to speak with an attorney, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you with your case.

How to maintain Social Distancing if you’ve been in a car accident

At the time of this blog post, our world is still in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and many of us have been societally isolated by government stay-at-home orders. However, despite these lock-downs, life must go on, and while we are venturing outside for groceries or commuting to our essential jobs, Car Accidents and Truck Accidents are a very real possibility.


What adds to that possibility is the fact that more Motorcycles and Bicycles are on the road as the weather has gotten warmer.  And with the Coronavirus being front and center in everyone’s mind, it’s probably fair to say that drivers are more distracted than ever.


Just yesterday, as I was driving to get my own blood work done, I saw the aftermath of two separate car accidents. The first accident involved a car and a truck, and the second was a three car collision.


Seeing the drivers at these accident scenes got me thinking about how distraught drivers must be today. Whether it’s dealing with the fear of what the “new normal” looks or worrying about a loved one that they haven’t seen in several months, drivers are distracted, and this can lead to pretty significant car accidents. 

What to do if you’ve been in a car accident during the coronavirus pandemic.


First, always be sure to wait for the responding officers. Gathering evidence at the scene in the event that you need a car accident attorney is still just as crucial now as it was before the coronavirus.  Even if there are no injuries immediately apparent, do not let fear of the Coronavirus force you to leave the scene of the accident prematurely.


Next, be sure to engage in proper Social Distancing practices at the scene.  Odds are that the responding police officers will be wearing face masks, so you should wear your face mask as well.


Be sure to cooperate and provide as many details as possible about the accident. Just like before the pandemic, details are important. Evidence tends to disappear, memories fade and stories change. And the fact that the other driver is probably wearing a mask can make identification and recognition more challenging later on.


One suggested tip is to ask the other driver to hold their documents in their hands while you take pictures of them with your cell phone. This would include their driver’s license, insurance information and auto registration, all of which will be necessary for you to report a claim. Be sure to extend the courtesy of doing the same for the other driver.


Finally, if you have been injured in a Car Accident or Motorcycle Accident, hospitals, medical facilities, doctor’s offices are open. It is important that you get a thorough examination to ensure there is no risk of delayed injuries, so call and schedule an appointment.


If you are injured or in paid, remember that suffering in silence will cause more damage to your health and your claim.


The Law Offices of Kats Jamison and Associates are here, even remotely, to help you if needed. You can call our office at 1-800-LAW-1917 to schedule a free consultation.

Marina Kats, a Philadelphia injury lawyer with a focus on clients.

Marina Kats: Philadelphia Injury Lawyer

The most important reason why I became a lawyer is obvious. It is to help others in their moment of need. That answer will probably be given by most attorneys practicing law. For me it’s more than just words. This is a principle that I live by. My law firm is very unique in the sense that we are equally well equipped to handle multi-million dollar cases as well as cases of less potential value. For every person whose case we handle it is the most important case. Most firms that I know of, they either handle very large cases and they will not accept a smaller case or smaller firms will refer the large cases out, as they do not have the capability of efficiently handling the same. A Philadelphia injury lawyer at our firm will take on a case no matter the size.


The legal outcome is very difficult to measure. Once an attorney friend of mine choked when he was asked how he was able to get a 16 million dollar verdict on the case, he said I made a mistake on a 17 million dollar case. Since each case is so different and outcomes are difficult to predict, no two results could be compared. For example a cashier at the super market, who broke a finger, as a result of a car accident, and is unable to fully regain the use of the finger, maybe $200,000-300,000 is a good outcome. For the concert pianist with the same injury it could be a terrible result. A Philadelphia injury lawyer from Philly Lawyers would work to get the deserving outcome, no matter who the client is. Therefore the most important element in an attorney-client relationship is the trust and understanding that the lawyer really cares. The client may never find out how much lawyers know, but the client will always know how much a lawyer cares.


For the most part the problems can be solved among the parties if everyone dealt with each other in an honest and reasonable matter, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen in our world. I look at myself as an equalizer between the insurance company and someone who is injured in an accident. If the insurance company dealt with those individuals in a completely fair form there would not be a need for me to get involved, but most of the time the person is lost in the bureaucracy of the system. That’s when we will come in and help untangle the web of complications and give straight forward advice and a solution that can be recommended to our client’s satisfaction. I’d go to that lawyer. We help. And that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.


I started in college on student loans and I had to work two jobs to go through college and law school. I have built one of the most prestigious and respected firms in the tri-state area because of my humble beginnings. I understand philosophy and the importance of hard work and making it your life mission to assist others. I truly believe that the client comes first.


Like I stated earlier, most clients do not care how much a lawyer knows they want to know how much a lawyer cares. Our firm possesses both knowledge and care for our clients. We will and work in a community that we represent. I personally not only have a regular law degree that all lawyers are required to have but I also have a LLM in trial advocacy which translates to the highest possible degree that is attainable by an attorney. There is less than 1,000 of those degrees in the state of PA. When opposing counsel see the credentials they immediately recognize a worthy opponent. I, in my firm, have a number of verdict and settlements ranging from a million to 30 million dollars.


Most attorneys employed in our firm have a minimum of twenty years of experience. For example Richard Sydel was a former member of the board of directors for the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association and former board member of Governors of Philadelphia Bar Association. He had over 10 settlements on million-dollar plus cases. He has been published over 15 times and has lectured for the bar association and trial lawyers –  we hire the best so that you get the best Philadelphia injury lawyer for your case.

Recover for your slip and fall accident

Can You Get A Million Dollars On A Slip And Fall Accident?

The answer is YES.  A lot of law firms shy away from slip and fall cases because often they are difficult to prove.  In our office, we welcome those cases and just this Wednesday, our Philadelphia office was able to recover for one of our clients well in excess of a million dollars in a slip and fall case.  The elements that have to be present in order for you to receive a recovery are:

1. It must be someone’s fault that caused you to fall, for example, uneven pavement, wet and slippery flooring inside the premises, accumulation of snow or ice, improper steps, failure for the building to comply with building codes, a construction defect, and there are many others.  Our Philadelphia attorneys would be able to determine if you have a case very quickly.  The first thing we recommend is to make sure that you have a photograph of the defect.  We also have investigators on staff that would be happy to go with you to the scene of the incident and take all of the appropriate pictures.  But I can’t emphasize enough the importance of you being an active participant and at least to have taken preliminary photographs.

2. It is crucial when you go to your doctor or the emergency room after you fall to properly articulate what caused you to come for that visit.  Oftentimes people that experience pain are concerned about the pain and forget to mention that it happened as a result of the fall or neglect to explain how the injury occurred.  The insurance companies are notorious for trying to avoid payment based on the fact that the injured person did not make a proper reporting.  If the fall occurs in a public place, I recommend that you make a report immediately to a member of the staff of the establishment where the fall occurred.  And if there is a defect that you are aware of that caused you to fall, I suggest that you point out the defect to a person taking the report.  Ask to review the report and if it is possible, request a copy of the report to take with you.  I further recommend that you seek immediate medical attention for the injuries that you sustained.  I also suggest that you call our law firm or any other lawyer as soon as possible so that an investigation can be done while the evidence is recent and easy to come by.  Normally, the process of settlement occurs after your treatment is completed so that we do not miss a compensation for any of your injuries.

Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that if we do not obtain a recovery for you, you will not be charged with any costs or fees.  The first consultation in a slip and fall case is free.  We will also gladly give you a second opinion free of charge on your slip and fall case.  We handle cases in many jurisdictions in the United States.

Please call us toll-free 1-800-529-1917.

A Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia Can Count On For Justice

What Do You Need To Win A Car Accident Case?

By Marina Kats, A Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia Residents Can Trust

Besides having a great Philadelphia lawyer (and I hope you choose our firm), there are certain elements that need to be met in order to receive a recovery for the injuries that you sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

  1. You cannot be at fault for the accident.  The way to determine fault is to either consult an attorney or read the motor vehicle statutes of your particular state.  It is perfectly clear that someone stopped at a light, waiting for the light to change from red to green, and being hit in the rear by another vehicle, is not at fault for the collision.  It is also clear that if someone has the right of way and collides with another vehicle that came out from a side street, or made a left-hand turn in front of the vehicle which has the right of way, is not at fault.  There are many other cases where the situation is not as clear and the first thing your lawyer should review is the police report.
  2. The second thing that is required in order to receive a monetary compensation is your injuries. The injured person receives compensation proportionate to the injuries sustained.  Additionally, you will need a doctor’s report that causally relates your injuries to the car accident or other motor vehicle accident.  You will bring the claim against the insurance company for the person who caused the collision and based on your injuries, you should receive an appropriate recovery.  The only factor that may negatively effect whether you recover or not for noneconomic loss as a result of the injury is your selection of the tort option on your own insurance policy.  If you choose limited tort on your insurance policy (and we recommend never to select limited tort), you may lose the right to recover for your injuries if they are not serious or permanent.  However, it is for you and your attorney to determine your qualifications.

In our Philadelphia law firm, we firmly believe that if you are injured in a car accident and it is not your fault, we will do everything we can to make sure that you receive a fair and adequate recovery.  We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that if we do not obtain a recovery for you, you will not be charged with any costs or fees.  The first consultation in an automobile accident case is free.  We will also gladly give you a second opinion free of charge on your case.  We handle cases in many jurisdictions in the United States.

Please call us toll-free 1-800-529-1917.

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