Philly Lawyers Wins 15 Million Dollar Claim For Medical Malpractice Case Resulting in Brain Injury

Settlement: $15,000,000

Type: Medical Malpractice

Injuries: Permanent Brain Injury

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Scenario: 30 Year Old Woman suffers brain injury during a surgery.



3 year


Client Satisfaction


Our client suffered brain damage because of a surgery.


An attorney at Kats Jamison and Associates that specializes in Medical Malpractice cases worked diligently to reach this resolution.

The Verdict + Settlement

The Philly Lawyers team was able to help our client earn a $15,000,000 settlement to compensate her.

If you or a loved one was harmed due to the negligemce of another driver or someone else,
Kats, Jamison & Associates is here to assist you.

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