The attorneys of KATS, Jamison & Associates are a dedicated team of professionals who can help you with your legal needs. We are large enough to handle even the most complex litigation, but still small enough to give you and your case the individual attention you deserve.

We specialize in helping those who have been hurt by another’s negligence, including catastrophic injuries, car accidents, medical malpractice, or an unsafe product. Our professionals also have extensive experience defending those accused of a crime, including capital crimes, and can help individuals and companies with their real estate, immigration, Social Security, and Family law needs.

Founded in 1986 by Marina Kats, our firm is led by Marina Kats, Jamison & Associates. Marina Kats holds a Legal Masters (LLM) in Trail Advocacy and among our attorneys are multiple “Pennsylvania Super Lawyers.”

Twenty years after we opened our doors, our successes have grown with the size of our firm. In recent years, our attorneys have won multiple seven figure awards for clients, including for child hit by a tractor trailer while crossing the street, and numerous “not guilty” verdicts.

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