KATS, Jamison & Associates have been successful in representing clients before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, has secured several pardons for its criminal clients from the Governor of Pennsylvania and recently obtained a number of multi-million dollar verdicts in front of Federal and State juries.

For over 20 years, the attorneys of KATS, Jamison & Associates have been offering outstanding legal advice and services to their clients. With services ranging from helping new businesses incorporate to defending someone accused of capital crime to helping those harmed by another’s negligence receive fair compensation, We are big enough to handle the most complex legal issues, but still client focused enough to give each client, no matter what size, the personal attention they need.

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    • After 4 days in front of a Philadelphia jury, a team of our trial lawyers won a $10,000,000 settlement for a 9-year-old Philadelphia boy who suffered traumatic brain injures after being rundown by a tractor-trailer.
    • Our attorneys successfully argued on behalf of a 45-year-old man who suffered tetraplegic injuries after being hit in an accident involving a major trucking company. A Federal Jury in the 3rd Circuit Federal awarded $4.25 million to the man.
    • When a nurse and mother of two was rear-ended by a National waste disposal truck, our attorneys won a Chester County Jury verdict for $3.5 million.
    • In the Federal District court, we achieved a seven-figure settlement on behalf of a motorcyclist struck by a worldwide delivery service truck.
    • In Camden, N.J. we successfully argued for a multi-million dollar structured settlement on behalf of a young girl run down by a local oil company van while on her way to school.
    • After a Bucks County high school sports star was involved in an intersectional crash, we achieved a seven-figure structured settlement on his behalf.
    • We are currently representing twenty children and counselors injured in a school bus rollover crash on I-95 in Maryland.
    • A 53-year-old man suffered from a herniated disc after being rear ended. With our efforts, a Philadelphia County Jury verdict awarded him $500,000.
    • In a successful Dram Shop case, we achieved a seven-figure structured settlement for the family of a man who was killed in a single car crash after leaving a bar intoxicated.

    After just four days of jury trial, a significant and confidential Philadelphia Court settlement was awarded to a 62-year-old school teacher who sustained injuries due to a defective beverage bottle from a world-wide beverage company.
    We successfully argued for a significant award on behalf of a man who lost his finger while trying to unlock the gears of a carpet machine at work.
    A million dollar settlement was achieved for a Philadelphia electrician who sustained a paraplegic injury after falling off a ladder due to defective wire strippers.
    We achieved a seven-figure-settlement for a laborer who suffered from a crushed hand due to a defective industrial metal bending machine.


    A million dollar verdict was achieved for a woman who lost part of her lower jaw as a result of dental malpractice.


    The necessity defense was successfully used to achieve a not guilty verdict in a possession charge associated with the establishment of a needle exchange program. The not guilty verdict led to a change in Illinois State law.
    Our attorneys successfully won a “Not Guilty” jury verdict for a man charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder.
    Our client, a local pizza delivery man, was found “Not Guilty” of burglary and sexual assault in a jury verdict.
    A young man was charged with homicide while drag racing down Roosevelt Boulevard. The charges were dropped after the preliminary hearing.
    When our client, a young man, was charged with 1st degree murder and faced the death penalty, our attorneys successfully argued for a “Not Guilty” jury verdict.
    After the life savings of an elderly woman was seized by the government, we successfully recovered her account.
    After the government seized a used car business’ inventory, we successfully recovered twenty automobiles.
    We successfully argued for two Governor’s Pardons on behalf of a security broker convicted of theft as well as a secretary convicted of assault.