Helping our Clients when the unthinkable happens

Over the years, the Philly Lawyers team has helped thousands of clients get the settlements they deserve when they are involved with any kind of accident. Checkout our recent case studies below.

Philly Lawyers Win Fair Compensation for Injured Victim in Difficult Limited Tort Rear-End Collision Case

Do not worry if you only have limited tort, if the injuries are serious enough, you can overcome a limited tort issue.

Philly Lawyers Win Car Accident Case With Injuries Fully Covered by Settlement

Our client suffered a neck and back injuries as a result of the accident.

FEATURED STORY: Philly Lawyers Wins Million Dollar Claim For Levittown Man In Motorcycle Accident

The plaintiff was driving his motorcycle through a green light when the defendant made a left turn in front of him.

Motorcycle & Truck Accident Case

Truck Driver pulled away from stop sign and caused the accident with our client, the motorcycle driver.

Philly Lawyers Wins 10 Million Dollar Claim For Minor Struck By Car

A minor was crossing a driveway when the driver of a truck did not see him and struck him on the sidewalk.
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