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Welcome to Kats Jamison & Associates (also known as Philly Lawyers), your Personal Injury Lawyer. Our experienced and qualified lawyers have been practicing law for over 33 years and have served clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Our main office is located at 1 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville-Trevose, 19053, at the intersection of County Line Road and Bustleton Pike, separating Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia Counties.

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We understand when the injury occurs, you are scared and need immediate help. Here are the answers to some of the questions we hope are helpful to you.

If you come to us, we have all the answers for when you are injured in any type of accident.

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Your Questions Answered

Do I have to pay to speak with an injury attorney?

Philly Lawyers offers free case reviews so that you can better understand your legal options. This means you pay nothing for your first consultation. Additionally, Kats, Jamison & Associates works on a contingency fee basis meaning that if you do choose to hire us, you pay us nothing unless and until we win your case. To learn more about what it takes to speak with an injury attorney about your claim here.

Do I need an appointment to speak with a Kats, Jamison & Associates Attorney or are walk-ins accepted?

Philly Lawyers offers free case reviews and we are available 24/7. If you are injured in a car accident or any other type of motor vehicle accidents as well as a slip and fall, we are available without an appointment and we will see you at your convenience. However, appointments are still recommended.

How does insurance work in a typical car accident?

If you are involved in a car accident, the insurance will typically cover the repairs for your vehicle, the medical bills, and the settlement for pain and suffering. On your insurance policy, we always recommend that in Pennsylvania, you select a full tort option as well as uninsured and underinsured motorist protection. In New Jersey policy, we recommend that you select a zero threshold option and also uninsured and underinsured motorist protection. There are other provisions of your insurance policy that you can select to further protect yourself and your family.

How long does it take to settle a Philadelphia auto accident case?

Depending on the severity of your injuries and the length of time you need to heal from your injuries will determine the length of your claim. Usually we prepare a request to the insurance company within a month after a medical treatment is completed. Sometimes they are willing to settle a case right away and sometimes insurance companies’ offers are too low. Lawyers are always required to convey to the client the amount of the offer. We can provide you with our opinion, but the final decision is always left to the client on whether they want to accept the offer or proceed with future litigation.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

The amount of recovery is based on outstanding medical bills, your out of pocket expenses, your wage loss (if any), your doctor’s report with indication of your prognosis and diagnosis, and the policy limits of the person who caused the accident.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case regarding a car accident?

If you are experiencing pain, injury, or financial damages as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have a personal injury case. If the other driver was at fault, our car accident attorneys will get you an appropriate compensation. Even when it is not obvious who is at fault in the accident, our experienced attorneys can help determine your rights. The consultation is free and you have nothing to lose by consulting with an attorney. Some cases are easy to determine who is responsible for the accident. For example, if you were rear-ended in a car accident, typically the other driver is responsible for that accident and the insurance company could be liable for any damages. Some accidents might require additional investigation to determine the fault.

What should I expect the first few days following a car accident?

Within the first few days, you will receive communications from both your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company. You may be contacted by your health insurance company, doctors, and even attorneys. The other driver’s insurance company may request that you sign medical authorizations so they can retrieve your medical records. Before you speak to any of these people or sign any documents, it is important that you seek legal counsel.

How to pay for medical expenses while my case is pending?

In the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, your automobile insurance policy will pay for your medical bills to the extent of the maximum benefits that you purchased on your policy regardless of whose fault it is in an accident. Those two states are called “No Fault” states, which means that your insurance premiums cannot go up for the mere fact that your insurance company paid your medical bills. After the first party benefits are exhausted, then your healthcare insurance should be paying the rest of your medical bills. Your automobile insurance policy is always primary for the payment of your medical bills.

What type of compensation should I expect to receive for my car accident case?

You are entitled to receive compensation for your vehicle. Depending on the amount of damages to your vehicle, the insurance company will pay for the repairs or replacement of your automobile. You are entitled to get your medical bills paid plus any other out of pocket expenses and the wage loss. The largest part of your compensation will be your pain and suffering settlement, and that depends on the extent of your injuries and how it has affected your life. If we are successful in proving that the other party is liable for your injuries and damages, you could be compensated for medical bills and any other hospital costs, lost wages, costs of rehabilitation and physical therapy, disability or disfigurement, pain and suffering, wrongful death, including loss of financial support and any other out of pocket expense that was related to your accident.

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Marina Kats

Marina Kats Esquire is a renowned personal injury attorney who has been practicing law in the Greater Philadelphia area for over 33 years.

Marina and the Philly Lawyers team have helped countless individuals when they needed assistance after a car accident, slip & fall, workplace injury or any other legal needs.

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    Kats Jamison and Associates helps win $48 million product liability settlement

    ​​Product liability cases involve legal disputes where individuals or entities seek compensation for injuries or damages caused by defective or unsafe products. As a lawyer specializing in product liability, our role was to represent clients who have suffered harm due to a product’s design, manufacturing, or marketing defects.  These cases often require a thorough investigation…

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  • Philadelphia Police Investigate Early Morning Collision Involving Officers and Civilian Driver

    Philadelphia Police Investigate Early Morning Collision Involving Officers and Civilian Driver

    The Impact of Car Accidents on the city of Philadelphia Car accidents in Philadelphia, like in many other urban areas, have significant and far-reaching impacts on individuals, families, and the community as a whole: 1. Physical Injuries: Car accidents can result in a wide range of physical injuries, from minor cuts and bruises to severe…

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  • Northeast Philadelphia Hit and Run Leaves One Dead on Roosevelt Boulevard

    Northeast Philadelphia Hit and Run Leaves One Dead on Roosevelt Boulevard

    Authorities in Philadelphia are currently conducting an investigation following a tragic incident that occurred in the early hours of Monday in the Rhawnhurst neighborhood. A 42-year-old man lost his life after being struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross Roosevelt Boulevard at the intersection of Borbeck Avenue. The incident took place around 12:02 a.m.…

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Our Greater Philadelphia Law Firm Has Won Many Accolades For Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County And Montgomery County

At Kats, Jamison & Associates, our lawyers specialize in obtaining the most value for your personal injury & car accident case. As soon as you are hurt in a car accident, it is important that you contact the police immediately. After you are sure that all medical needs are met, it is highly recommended to document the accident by taking pictures of each party involved, the surrounding environment, as well as the name of the witnesses.

If you were not able to document the car accident for any reason, we will investigate your personal injury case by collecting as much evidence as possible. This ensures that we protect your rights and give you the best possible outcome of receiving a maximum compensation based on the damages you incur.

Kats, Jamison & Associates have fought for victims of car accident, slip & fall, and personal injury cases for more than 33 years. We provide free legal consultations to determine the potential value of your case. Our goal is to not only help our clients with their case, but to give them the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to move forward with their lives after traumatic experiences.

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