I recommend that every individual have a will prepared by an attorney regardless of the size of their estate.
Creating a will allows you to determine how you want your assets to be allocated when you are no longer able to give such directives, and it streamlines the process needed for your executor to access your bank accounts, pension plans and any other real or personal property.
If you already have a will and your circumstances change, and you want to alter the will, we can always review the document with you and implement the necessary changes. In a conflict between wills, the law dictates that the most recent will prevails.
During my 30 plus years of practicing law, we have prepared many wills, both simple and complicated. Know that Kats Jamison & Associates can help you to prepare the documents that will put your mind as well as the minds of your loved ones at ease for the future.

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Creating a will doesn’t have to be a complicated matter. Individuals simply decide (1) who would be appointed to distribute their assets after their death (the executor/executrix), and (2) who will be receiving those assets (the beneficiary/beneficiaries). Your will does not need to specifically enumerate all of your assets, because in most instances, your assets change throughout your life. For example, today you may have an account with Bank A, but you later switch to Bank B, or you might own one piece of real estate, and later on sell and purchase another, or buy additional real estate. What we recommend is that in addition to your will, you also have a separate list of specific assets. Such a list is called a codicil, which can be handwritten, but we always recommend dating that document. The codicil can be changed by you anytime, which will avoid unnecessary trips to the lawyer’s office. Please fill out the form below to get started. For additional questions, please give us a call at 215-593-2687 to find out how we can help protect what matters to you.


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