If you are ever involved in a car accident, obviously the “best” accident to have is a rear-end collision (and you are in the vehicle that is rear-ended).  The reason being that the person who is rear-ended is clearly not at fault for the car accident, especially if they were stopped, in traffic, waiting for a traffic light to change  (or at a stop sign) because clearly, there is nothing that they have done to cause the accident or anything they could have done to avoid being hit.   Liability is rarely, if ever, disputed in a rear-end collision.   If you are rear-ended, don’t panic.  First, call the police immediately to document the positions of the vehicles and to explain how the car accident occurred to the police officer.  Make sure that a report is taken.  The next thing to do (and I recommend that you do this quickly) is to take photographs of both vehicles and meet with an attorney with significant experience in personal injury law.   Obviously, if you are severely injured, go to a local hospital emergency room immediately after the police officer documents the accident.

When you see an attorney, you should bring with you the following information: your drivers’ license or your state ID, the appropriate insurance policies, the information that you are able to obtain from the other driver (i.e. their drivers license, insurance company name, policy number), any photographs that you obtained from the incident and the emergency room record, if emergency care was required.  The attorney will take your information and will report your claim to your insurance company as well as to the insurance company of the at-fault driver.  They will also make sure that you are receiving appropriate medical care.  It is important to check your insurance policy to see if you have selected the full tort or limited tort option.  As always, I recommend that you select the full tort option on your policy.  The attorney will monitor your car accident case and make sure all of the information is processed appropriately.  Upon completion of medical treatment, the attorney will obtain copies of your medical records and evaluate your case based on your injuries and request appropriate payment from the insurance company of the at-fault driver.  The attorney should keep you informed of all of the important developments in your case, most notably, upon the insurance putting an offer on your case.  You are always in charge of whether the amount will be accepted or if you choose to pursue your matter in court.

If you are rear-ended in a car accident, most likely you will receive an offer on your case and our lawyers welcome any and all inquiries regarding your matter.

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